Optimizing for a High-Value Sales Funnel

Why Most Marketers Fail Month After Month
Often I do things in the company of mine I do not even understand that I am doing. If I do not understand I am doing it, it is extremely hard to teach it. I do not have any idea I am doing it. Among the elements that I think is quite crystal clear in my small business is the funnel process. But it is something which most people do not actually do.
Most individuals do not have an incredibly clear understanding of it – and I do not teach on it since I do not consider it as being one thing that is so significantly important. Nevertheless, it is a thing that I do on an extremely regular basis in the company of mine. On a regular schedule.
Everything that I do goes through a really specific funnel from beginning to end. Very specific. From the very beginning, from the moment that I get a brand new visitor in, a portion of those individuals have to be subscribers. Then, within thirty days, a portion of those individuals have to buy one out of three to four different items. Next a portion of those individuals have to buy another item, after which a percentage of individuals have to be a coaching client.
In a way the business of mine almost lives or perhaps dies by these numbers. I take a look at these numbers and in case these numbers are down, that tells me that income is down.
If you’ve hundred folks through the funnel, and you do not understand what is going to happen to those hundred folks (or perhaps thousand, or perhaps 10000 folks)…
If you’ve hundred folks come into the funnel, and you are only hoping and praying that somebody will buy something somewhere, perhaps you do create some sales. But you’ve no method of connecting those hundred folks on the revenue.
Each and every month you’ve to reinvent the wheel, hoping that in case you get another hundred subscribers, and that those hundred subscribers will go through and perhaps make a purchase. It will be sort of like in case you’re baking a cake, or even in case you’re making a stew, and each time you were to make that stew, you were to start from scratch with no memory. I wonder how I could make this? What spices can I put in? What herbs can I put in? What can I put in? Each time the stew comes out differently. And in case you love it you cannot duplicate that next month since you do not understand what went in. And in case you do not love it you cannot not duplicate it since you do not understand what went in.
Honestly, that is just how I see a lot of individuals in the info business running the businesses of theirs. They’ve hardly any idea what happens between the time somebody gets the time and a visitor that they purchase from you. And they’ve hardly any idea how you can maximize the process so they are in a position to constantly generate revenue over the course of time.

I only want to imagine we’ve hundred visitors, I am going to work with hundred subscribers, so I am going to state we’ve 300 100 visitors that after the opt in procedure become hundred subscribers.
We take those hundred folks and place them right into a prewritten email campaign that is thirty days in length. We send out one to two emails each day for thirty days. We promote three products that are different with the email campaign. We’ve three products: we’ve an entry level product that it has ninety seven dolars. Next we’ve an enhanced solution that is $297. Next we’ve a coaching program that is hundred dolars a month.
Imagine you’ve this all in place.
Precisely why You Want a Coaching Program Instantly Now I wish to imagine that creating these things is actually simple. Because with the coaching program, all you’ve to do is show up one time a week for one hour and teach everybody that shows up. I mean, seriously, that is all that needs to be done for coaching. Guidance does not even need to come with lessons. It can actually be living!
You can do one on one with your very first client; you are able to do it with a team of eight folks? no matter how lots of you’ve signed up. Today that is coaching.
Coaching is very simple. Guidance doesn’t need to be developed ahead of time. Not any of the lessons have to be created ahead of time. What is really good about not one of the lessons having to be created in advance is the fact that there is perfectly zero preparation that has to go in before you sell the first coaching client of yours. Today, clearly, when you sell the first coaching client of yours, you are likely to discover what that client would like to find out about. Which could take you one hour or perhaps 2, after which you might invest an hour preparing the first phone call of yours.
When you have been performing it for a couple of years like I’ve, in case I spend five minutes preparing for my weekly coaching call, that is a great deal of time. I know my topic inside and out, I am going to question folks, hey, which food do you wish to learn today? They are going to say, I wish to learn this. I am going to say, okay, fantastic, I am going to teach on it. If for whatever reason someone asks me anything I cannot teach on, since I do not have all of the data directly in front of me, I could say, great, “Okay, I can teach on that next week.” Then next week there’ll be a small amount of preparation time on the part of mine.
This coaching element takes very little time to prepare. Any info marketer in the opinion of mine must have a coaching program almost instantly.
Regrettably, what I discover is nearly all folks wait a year or perhaps two plus to develop a coaching program because for whatever reason they are either scared that it is not going to sound correct, or sometimes they are scared that nobody will buy, or perhaps whatever. But I simply do not think that either one of those things are great reasons to not have a coaching program. Everyone must have a coaching program from the very 1st week.
Just meet whatever people’s needs are whenever they enroll in the coaching. If you simply have one client, that is okay. If you’ve ten clients, that is okay. If you’ve hundred clients, that is okay. Everyone is on that one phone call, and you teach whatever folks need. It is entirely on the fly each week.
Developing a High Level, Advanced Product What do we have to put an advanced system? What can we sell for $297? What I love to find out is a ten hour MP3 or perhaps video series. I feel that each and every info marketer that has some business selling courses in what they know should have the ability to teach for ten hours on the topic of theirs. In case they cannot, they have to find out some more info. I just really think that. I realize that may seem to some folks harsh. But I truly think that. Anybody that says I know enough about a thing to teach you what I know should have the ability to teach for ten hours. I just truly believe that deep down inside.
Does that mean you are disqualified whether you simply have five hours’ worth of education in your brain? No? but I in fact fully believe that in case you were to record those five hours of training, you can come up with another set of questions to capture the additional five hours’ worth of instruction.
Basically, to record ten hours takes ten hours. It is a physics thing. I am concentrating on this because some folks take six months to produce their 10 hour program, and it actually just takes ten hours. Today, there’s a little preparation time. Plus, I am assuming that somebody knows what they are chatting about
Basically, in ten to fifteen minutes they ought to be ready to produce an outline of what they are going to teach for every hour. Each of the ten hours takes ten to fifteen minutes of prep time, so let us call it 1/4 of an hour for ten hours, that is two 1/2 hours of prep time, plus ten hours of recording. implies that it takes twelve 1/2 hours for someone to create an info product that may be sold for $297.
If a person were to just work one hour one day for twelve 1/2 days, they will have this done in twelve 1/2 days. That is opposed to the ninety days or perhaps 180 days it takes many folks to get their very first product created. Literally – twelve 1/2 days. And that is only working one hour one day!
A large amount of folks say “I do not have time that is full to focus on my info business.” Well, you do not have to. All you will need is one hour one day to get started. one hour one day to create that product.
After twelve 1/2 days this person also offers the $297 product.
And so much you’ve a coaching program, because the coaching program you deliver on the fly. Then in twelve 1/2 days you’ve the 10 hour advanced program you are able to sell for $297.
The issue is, which food do you sell for ninety seven dolars?
You will find a number of different items that someone can sell for ninety seven dolars.
Somebody could easily say, I finished up my ten hours. I can most likely do a 3 hour overview of all things I taught for the ten hours and make which the ninety seven dolars product. That is one solution which would be fairly easy. It will take someone aproximatelly three hours to do that.
That is a proven way to do it.
An alternate way to produce the entry level product will be to choose one hour of the ten that were recorded for the $297. Or perhaps, better yet, take twenty minutes from three different trainings in the 10 hour program. So three, 20 minute segments that really dig into some specific topic, and sell that as a 1 hour training that digs deep into these three particular topics. Sell for that for ninety seven dolars.
When I pick three 20 minutes segments I am being arbitrary; it can be one segment teaching a specific subject for seventeen minutes, another is twenty seven minutes, and a different segment is eighteen minutes? that might not be particular and that is OK. The key is that individuals are likely to be learning these topics.
The great thing about this’s when somebody buys the ninety seven dolars training, you are able to have an offer on the download page, underneath all the trainings. You are able to say, by the way, in case you truly enjoyed this training, you’ll definitely love my advanced training since it has ten times more than what you received. Which is true. They have gotten one hour outside of the ten hours. And so the advanced is ten times more than what they simply received. In case they love the three, my goodness, 20-minutes segment, they will love the entire thing! And they are in a position to get ten times more training for $297 rather than only the ninety seven dolars.
I am laying this out there this way for you since I would like to make it clear just how super easy it’s to produce a full funnel in literally aproximatelly fifteen days.
How to Promote Your Funnel Then on top of we’ve to lay on sales pages. You will find a variety of ways that are different to do sales pages. Individuals are able to either can often learn to create their very own (there’s a number of marketers available that teach that, I have also got an easy training for doing that) or perhaps, individuals can go get a ready made software program that writes it for them. You just need to plug in topics that are specific. It is a generic sales letter, and you plug in topics that are certain and it builds them up.
Marlon Sanders sells one at http://www.pushbuttonletters.com/.
Or perhaps, someone could say I do not want to produce a sales letter, I will perform a video sales letter. There is training these days, once again, people that are different teach how you can achieve that. People will be able to do webinars or perhaps teleseminars to sell the products of theirs. I find that teleseminars or perhaps webinars are only somewhat tougher to totally funnelize in a 30 day period. I mean if you are advertising a teleseminar that men and women are likely to go to on a particular day you get twenty nine other days to promote, etc.
You have got twenty nine other days to actually do stuff, and I truly believe you would like something solid in there. I like sales pages. You are able to layer on video for video sales letters and things that way. I believe the main selling methods for those three items have to stop being live webinars and live teleseminars. Although, you could layer that as an extra element.
The last stage is usually to say “Okay, we have created our three products. What are our three products? We’ve an entry level product for ninety seven dolars. We’ve an enhanced, 10 hour product that is $297. And we’ve a coaching program which is live access once a week. We’ve our three products, and we’ve a sales letter for each one. We’ve a sales letter for our entry level product. We’ve a sales letter for our advanced product. We’ve a sales letter for our coaching program.

We are able to start with print, since it is quite simple to do. We are able to include a video sales letter later on in case we wish to test that. We are able to do a live teleseminar on day seven that sells these items, etc. Individuals are going to have several methods to get exposed and go into the funnel.
Then another layer will be the email campaign of ours. We will say somebody comes in on day one as a subscriber. We would like them to receive emails for another thirty days; we want them to receive one to two emails one day for the next thirty days.
What exactly are we going to create in these emails? Here is what I love to do. I love to have folks sit down in a single sitting and write forty five short little articles. forty five short little articles about the topic of theirs.
What you might do is take all of the elements that you taught on you 10 hour training program. Consider each one of them and simply write 300 words about each one. In the opinion of mine that is fairly simple to do. You simply take a seat and you create a number of facts about each aspect (or step) of your training.
Next you create forty five emails, and in every email you are likely to put the 200 – 300 word article.
At the conclusion of that article, you are likely to say, by the way in case you this way training, you could possibly like my intro training. Then link to the sales page.
Today, on an alternative article you can say by the way, in case you love this training, next you may appreciate my advanced training. Then there is a link to that sales letter.
These articles are packed with powerful info. They are special to you since you wrote them. They are exclusive to the program of yours since you teach from the heart. Everyone is anticipating these articles every day. They are wanting to obtain more info from you. If a person isn’t wishing to check out those articles, they do not belong on your list anyway. So it is alright in case they unsubscribe. You really just want folks on the list of yours who truly wish to learn from you anyway. So if somebody does not wish to get 200 words of quality info and also read it from you, they most likely do not want more from you anyway. So it is alright in case they unsubscribe.
So you have got these forty five emails that are about to go out over the course of thirty days, and they are going to visit the 3 different sales pages.
Evaluating and tracking Your Funnel There is a great deal of ways which are different that we are able to do another step. We are able to put in place tracking software, to have the ability to track the visitors as they are coming through. We are able to put in place tracking software so that we are able to have a look at conversion rates for each specific sales page. We are able to have a look at conversion rates and clicks on every one of the emails.
For the time being, we are creating an imaginary scenario where we are going to get hundred folks in on day one and in thirty days we are able to assess the campaign and funnel. In life which is real that it is gon na be a rolling scenario. But what we are going to have the ability to do through the use of monitoring software, and also through the use of only conversion rate software, is optimize. We are going to capitalize on the rate of conversion on every one of those 3 sales pages.
Plus, this I really believe is an actual key, this’s something which has been great in the company of mine. We are additionally going to capitalize on the conversion value of each and every one of the emails.
I would like you to imagine we were to develop a spreadsheet. Make a spreadsheet with forty five emails all the way across. You’ve forty five emails: email one, email 4, email 3, email 2, etc.
Then you glance at your email tracking and see, for instance, the wide open rate on email one is forty five %, and also the click through rate on email one is twenty two %. Then the wide open rate on email two is thirty nine % and also the click through rate is nineteen %. And then email three, (notice these’re going down slightly), thirty seven % on email three click through seventeen %. They are going down over time, since they are inclined to achieve that. The greatest open rate is on day one, probably the lowest open rate needs to be on day thirty.
Let us say we are only just cranking along with these emails. Let us say email four drops down to ten % open rate and just five % click through rate. Then email five is fifteen % open rate and a twelve % click through rate. We might go on and on, but what I would like you to notice is, in this specific scenario, something happened to email #4. Email four doesn’t perform extremely well.
After we put all of the email messages in a spreadsheet, we will notice a pattern. We will see that email four perhaps doesn’t convert well. Email seven doesn’t covert well. Email twelve doesn’t convert well. Email eighteen doesn’t convert well. Email nineteen doesn’t convert well. Email twenty two doesn’t convert well. And email twenty seven doesn’t convert well. Email thirty two doesn’t convert well. Email forty one doesn’t convert well. Email forty two doesn’t convert well. And so out of forty five emails we find we’ve ten emails that don’t convert well.
Take those out of the campaign of yours, then take a seat and write ten new emails to put into the place of theirs. What is going to occur in case you do this evaluation each and every month? When you bring out the ten worst performing emails, and write ten new emails? You do not need to do well at writing emails. You do not need to be systematic about writing emails. You’ll just stumble through this, and also after an entire year of writing ten new emails each and every month, and placing them in, you are going to stumble on the email messages that will work best for us. You might not have any idea exactly why they work best, but they will stay in the campaign of yours. You will realize that those’re the email messages which are working best.
Here is what you will do next: for each one of those emails, you are additionally going to check out the conversion rate to purchasing. You are going to look at Day one – just how many purchases do we get? Out of hundred folks, the number of purchase? hundred folks is an extremely small number to come up with this, so over time if you get 1k subscribers, 10k subscribers, you get increasingly more data, and you will be in a position to start getting some strong data here. You may be ready to say after 10k subscribers you have: three sales on Day one, seven sales on Day two, one sale on Email three, zero sales on Email four. Email five got you fifteen sales. Email six got you nineteen sales. Email seven you just got one sale. Email eight you got four sales.
What you are in a position to do at this time is go through and say, okay, well email three doesn’t perform well. Only makes one sale. Let us cut that one out as well. Then you say, wow, email six got nineteen sales. Why? You go in and you consider it and say, Wow. That is a top performing email. Remember what food we do with this? If you are like me, you most likely double up on it. You say, boy, nineteen sales on email six, good we are going to make nineteen similar email. Or perhaps email twenty one, we are going making it exactly the same email.
Do you see how in case you simply do this iteration process month after month, that what goes on is after a year, you’ve the best forty five emails of all time for you. Each email’s open rate is high. And each email the click through rate is high. And each email the conversion rate to a product is rather high. Do you see that?
Determining Your Dollars-per-Subscriber
Now I am going to carry this particular model one step further.
Let us say we’ve hundred subscribers. They are likely to get forty five emails over the course of their first thirty days on the list. You will find 4500 emails that are about to go out over the course of next thirty days. Out to those hundred subscribers, 4500 total emails will go out. So forty five emails per person times hundred folks is 4500 emails.
I want us to imagine that all we do is get an average email to convert at a ten % click through rate. Many will be at twenty %, many will be seven %, the very first email might be forty five %, but on average we are able to get to ten %. That is going to give us 450 clicks to the sales pages of ours. Let us say 1/3 of those clicks are to our ninety seven dolars product, 1/3rd of those clicks are to our $297 product, and 1/3rd of those clicks are to our $100/month coaching program. That is 150 clicks each.
I need to look at a conversion rate that we are going to aim for, for our ninety seven dolars product. Now this’s likely to call for a small amount of work. It is going to require optimization. It is going to call for using software to help us optimize this. We use optimization software to help us decide what aspects of our sales letter are performing and what parts are not. The way we are able to obtain as lots of people to buy as possible.
I only want to imagine that all we do here’s a three % conversion rate to ninety seven dolars. I believe most certainly we are able to see folks doing superior to that, doing far better than that, but I simply want to imagine that is the case. About a three % conversion. Which would give use 4.5 sales at three % out of 150 clicks to the page. Which would give use 4.5 sales at ninety seven dolars.
Then I wish to go up to our innovative program which is $297. We are going to have some folks that buy the ninety seven dolars product, then get to the download page that says, this’s just ten % of what is in the $297. If you would like the entire ball of wax, you get the $297. You are likely to get some buyers that are available through that upsell.
For this optimization, although, we will simply take a look at these 150 folks that are subjected to the $297 product. Let us say we just get a two % conversion rate there. That is going to mean out of 150 visitors to that sales page you are likely to get three sales at two %. So, three sales at $297.
Then I am going to provide you with a statistic here that I find to be fairly strong across the board, in case you are utilizing this type of a funnel. What I discover is that for every one dolars that you make selling an info product, you are able to typically make one dolars on your coaching program. What that implies is, in case you were to sell three folks an one time hundred dolars product, for every three hundred dolars sales, you ought to get one client to enroll into your hundred dolars / month coaching program. It might not be one of the individuals that bought the hundred dolars product, but someone will enroll. Plus, on average, they will stay in for no less than three months.

Which means in case you sell $300 worth of information products, you are most likely planning to also sell $300 worth of coaching.
It is an intriguing number, and I have found that to be rather stable for me. Obviously sometimes it goes up, and often maybe at sixty % or even seventy %. Sometimes it is at thirty %. It all depends on how intense I’m with promoting the coaching. Often I get idle and I say, you know what, I do not feel like getting some new business because the 1st month when somebody is a client, they’ve extra questions, and they need more help, therefore in case I am going on vacation for a month, I probably do not want some new clients.
Whereas if somebody has been with me for six months, they are digging in, they are working, they are loving what they are working on, and so they do not require that much intensity. If I say, hey, I am gon na be out of town for a few weeks, allow me to make certain you are set up, and you are in shape that is good for a few weeks. Everybody is cool. But if somebody comes in the very 1st day and I am on vacation for two weeks, very well, it may not do the job as well.
There is some fluctuation there. But I truly find on average it is about that. In this particular product I am gon na draw it out like that is the case.
Let us just point out that with 150 folks that see our coaching program sales page we get a three % conversion rate. Once again, this’s an extremely conservative number in case we have done an excellent job with optimization on these pages. These’re not cold visits. A great deal of times folks try to send cold traffic to a coaching page. Or perhaps cold traffic to a $297 page. Of course conversion rates are likely to be a great deal smaller with cold traffic. We have to compare apples to apples here. These’re individuals who are being warmed up by these forty five quality that is high, top notch articles that you are essentially writing in an e mail every day.
Just how many entrepreneurs available do you know who really have a 45 day long content campaign, and they are not only trying to create a sale in each and every email, or perhaps one half of every email, or perhaps each alternate email? Instead, this’s extremely gentle email campaign because everybody could merely read the article and never click through and no one will feel guilty. They are failing to get a whole bunch of email that just says buy, buy, buy. Instead, each and every email is give, give, give. I am giving content that is good, teaching folks, then hey, in case you would like more, it is right here. If you’d like more, just click through. So you are just getting your best clickers.
Back to our three % conversion rate: that means 4.5 folks out of the 150 will join our coaching program for hundred dolars a month. So now we are just going to get our 1st hundred dolars the very first day, but we are going to think we are going to get this money. Therefore on average we would like every person to stay in for no less than three months. That is a very standard number in the coaching business. Retention minimum, low end retention of three months. You are likely to have folks who quit after one month. You are likely to have others that stay in your coaching program for thirty months, or perhaps sixty months, and lifetime, or perhaps whatever the case is. We will simply call this a $300 value. 4.5 folks into your coaching program.
If we put up all this revenue (to help make it really easy we will average ninety seven dolars to hundred dolars) So we’d 4.5 sales at ninety seven dolars, we will call that hundred dolars, that is $450. Next we’d three sales at $300 that is $900. Next we’d 4.5 sales at $300, hundred dolars a month for three months is $1350. Today in case we include this up we come up with $2650 out of hundred subscribers. So in case we get hundred subscribers and if within thirty days those people have invested $2650. What this implies is, on an average, each subscriber warrants $26.50.
What this whole picture allows us to do, is help us determine subscriber value. We are in a position to suggest we get hundred subscribers in. They go through a 30 day sequence that has forty five emails. They’re directed to three sales pages. We voraciously track open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates for every email. We also work on the optimization of all of our three sales pages. We do not need to focus on lots of sales pages, merely three sales pages.
At the end we are competent to quantify it as being a unique subscriber value. Let us consider today we are in a position to generate subscribers at a cost of three dolars. We spend hundred dolars, we get thirty five subscribers, that implies we are aproximatelly three dolars per subscriber. Let us say we run a solo ad, it costs us $200, we wind up with sixty five subscribers, very well, that is aproximatelly three dolars a subscriber. We will just believe we are getting them for aproximatelly three dolars a subscriber. And they are converting to $26.50. We consider this to another level, we are able to find it costs us $300 to get the hundred subscribers, and also we generate $2650 in revenue.
Today, what could we do next month? Next month could we invest $600. After which, could we invest $600 and generate $5300?
The next month could we then invest $1200 the next month, after which generate $10,600?
This enables you to scale. Obviously this’s merely one number according to an imaginary funnel, but that is just based on sales numbers which are easy for us to have to (and a great deal of marketers are able to go a lot above this; I am just trying to be careful here). Understand, this’s an example; obviously if you do your funnel, and you’ve hundred visitors through, you are likely to have numbers that are different. You might have a four % conversion rate on your ninety seven dolars product, an one % on your $297 product and five % on your hundred dolars a month product. Whatever, but at the conclusion of your first testing, you will have the ability to create a $per subscriber, that is going to allow you to scale. It offers you a vision of what you will have the ability to do.
A Summary of the Funnel Model The next thing I need to do is simply take this next to another level.
You may be thinking, well, I put the initial hundred subscribers through here, am I going to get this type of revenue?
Obviously not.
Because, emails haven’t been optimized yet. You are likely to have a few emails in there that perform really poorly. You are likely to have emails that perform fairly well.
Needless to say you will not do that well on the conversion rates of yours. You are likely to need run 1k visits to a particular sales page, and run optimization on it. Test the headlines, split test the price – maybe in case you wish to do a little price testing, or simply try with these pricing options at first. You decide, I am going to do anything to get to this, I am going to split test the close, I am going to split test the graphics. it is going to take a moment to get to this place. Obviously, It is going to take a little time.
I would like to reiterate this process that happens: The primary step is creating the three products.
The 2nd step would be to create the forty five emails: it does not matter much whether they are good, bad, or perhaps in between emails. I have been working hard for a while, and I cannot tell you for certain an email will convert before I send it out. My guess is most marketers can’t tell you precisely what an email will do, unless they have tested that particular email in the past.
Even experienced men and women do not know which of the forty five emails are likely to convert. So my question is for an individual who is only starting out especially, as well as an individual who is making $5k or perhaps $10k a month who would like to grow out a brand new funnel is this: Did they really work on making these forty five emails the best in the total world? When they do not have any idea what the best in the entire earth is for their particular cohort of subscribers? I think not. I believe it is faster to create the emails, put them these days, after which let conversion rate testing and optimization over time have the perfect ones filtered out.
Write much more that resemble those and after some time you’ve a special campaign that nobody else on earth has.
Then we are going to do conversion rate optimization testing on all of the sales pages of ours so we increase the conversion rate. So what we are engaging in is we are working, we look at the whole funnel, we are working on seven different pieces. The 1st thing we are engaging in is we are working on maximizing traffic. What we must also be tracking with our website traffic is, which traffic sources convert to probably the highest level of total dollars also.
And so at each and every point, with all we are doing, we are planning to optimize the total dollars. So in case we’ve 3 different traffic sources: A, B, & C. And traffic source A gives you $26.50 per subscriber, which is the average of yours. Source B gives you forty five dolars a subscriber and source C gives you ten dolars a subscriber then what you should do is you drop C out of the picture of yours. You put more cash into A and B.
Then you’ve your forty five email sequence over the 1st thirty days. Then you are likely to enhance the emails, constantly. You are likely to be optimizing for the email messages that perform probably the best. With time, you will have the greatest emails.
Then concurrently on 3 sales pages you are running conversion rate optimization. Plus, that conversion rate optimization will capitalize on the conversion rate. So what happens is, in case we’ve maximum conversion on the traffic of ours If we’ve the maximum conversion on the emails of ours And we’ve the maximum conversion on our sales pages… Then what’ll happen in the end is we’ve the maximum conversion on our funnel.

The main reason I am stressing this is: I believe a great deal of times when individuals are attempting to build out their funnel, they are taking a look at the entire thing as well as they are asking yourself the reason it is not doing what they need it to do. Or perhaps they look at the entire thing, after which they believe they have got a weak link, so they go try to fix that weak link.
I believe in at the same time optimizing all 3 touches. Optimizing our traffic process. Which includes our subscriber process, working on opt in rate, etc.
Working on our traffic process. Working on our email series and also working on individual conversion rates on the sales pages themselves.
I would like to reiterate the idea of creating traffic sources that run into a forty five email, 30 day campaign. Those emails flow into three sales pages. Then optimize each one of those specific points, and take advantage of that as the foundation and the basis for the business of ours instead of just throwing all traffic types at a program and after that saying “Well, I do not understand exactly why it’s not converting.” As opposed to lacking a system of email messages and floating emails out over an entire (since we understand that folks convert best during the first thirty days). Instead, let us do all that we are able to to gain the trust of theirs and make that very first purchase occur in the first thirty days. Let us be organized about it. Rather than being forced to think of product after product after idea and product after idea after idea. Instead, let us come up with three specific products as well as focus on optimizing, and optimizing, and optimizing those particular pieces.