Layered SEO

In this particular document, I plan to show just how to get visitors from the major search engines, and particularly from google, making use of layered seo.

Layered seo will be the process of strategically writing content utilizing the idea of a master document, with feeder content linking to an acquisition point for the master document, and organically layering content and links to make a layering of your content online. This provides for the best amount of viral and organic spread, particularly as not only do folks share the content of yours, but the online search engine begin to value your content more highly.

Let us start first with the goal in doing seo (search engine optimization). Seo obviously will be the process of doing things to obtain the serps to pay even more focus on your pages or content, and rank them much higher in their listings – in short, optimizing the pages of yours for the various search engines. And seo is extremely simple, particularly the way google intended. The main point here is this: google as well as the other online search engine want one thing: they want their search results to return the best results for a given search term. Meaning which in case you type in dog training, they like the ONE page that’s the best page for the term dog training to show up in the results of theirs in the number one spot. That is the objective of theirs. What about a completely fair and balanced world, in which no one cheated or perhaps tried to adjust things, then the ONE page which is the ultimate in the world for that term, would come up #1 in the various search engines for that term.

And google’s goal, over time, has long been to discover a means to properly rank the pages of the world so that the absolute best content gets featured. Their original pagerank formula was created to do that.

And if there was no cheating at all, then just about all you will need to do is concentrate on producing the best content in the world, and you will receive the high ranking.

So why don’t we think about this for a second. If perhaps that’s the situation, google WANTS to feature the site of yours in the listings of theirs. And not only will they wish to feature The site of yours in the search results of theirs, they would like to do everything possible to prevent others from manipulating the search results by doing illegitimate inbound linking, and any other crazy things as keyword stuffing, writing for the robots, etc. Their goal is for YOU to obtain the top ranking, in case you deserve it.

Thus , given that google in fact wants to feature the content of yours, and they’re actively working to eliminate from the search results content that tries to manipulate the rankings, why not just work with google?

Why not simply create the best information on earth, publish it online, tell relevant folks about it, send relevant visitors to it, get relevant links to it based on interest, not spamming, and just let the algorithms do their job?

The gut reaction of yours may well be, I cannot do that. Because then I will not get the rankings, because unscrupulous folks out there’ll just outrank me.

But the point is, that used to be the case. Used to be will be the operative word here. With the most recent google algorithm changes, both published (like penguin and panda) and unpublished (the ones you do not know about thus you cannot cheat them), google is going out of their method of getting manipulative results out of the search rankings of theirs.

We’ve literally come to a moment that we are able to give google what they would like – which is content that is relevant – and allow them to do the work of theirs – that is figure out what’s the very best content. And not just have they told us precisely what content type they would like, they’ve also told us just how to encourage them to see the content of yours.

That is right. It may come as a surprise – but they’ve!

Here is the document of theirs that tells precisely what they really want in the content you put on your articles page:

When you stick to the guidance on that page, you’ll be creating the type of content google loves and is searching for.

And so since actually leaves another step: how you can get google to recognize the content of yours and rank it above the search results of the competitors of yours.

Let us retturn to google for their story:

This page tells you specifically what google wants and does not want:

Not only will they inform you what they’re searching for, they tell you what NOT to do. Things like spamming links and creating domains with substantially duplicate content.

Now I’ve one thing to say about penguin and panda. Without getting way too serious, panda was designed to filter through excessive duplicate content and spun articles. They’ve told us for years to avoid it. So can anyone be upset with google when they’re merely enforcing what they’ve told us for years they do not want us doing?

And penguin – designed to filter results based on not providing value to pages where backlinks are obviously manipulated or perhaps paid out for. Once more, something they’ve told us never to do.

And so now we know WHAT they want, how can we provide it to them in such a manner that we find the traffic rather than the contest of ours, who would probably be using manipulate ways to game google?

Before I get into this, let me say this: it used to be quite difficult to provide them what they need, but still get the rankings, particularly for a competitive term. But I’ve discovered that the brand new algorithmic changes are working very efficiently for eliminated gamed results. This means that your material has a genuine possibility of getting a higher ranking.

In reality, in case you glance at today’s search returns, rather than previous years’ search returns, I believe you are going to find that increasingly more content pages on smaller sites are coming up. This’s merely a reflection of just how successful the new formulas are working.

Today, before I give you the technique I’m personally using, I have been using with the clients of mine, and I am going to model with the dissemination of the content, for full disclosure here, I really want to share also google’s official guide to creating content and promoting it:

Now I imagine in case you hear that, you are going to think, how will following those guidelines give me an advantage over folks that wish to manipulate google? Here is the reason: the algorithms now are doing a fantastic job of recognizing a wide range or perhaps markers and giving higher rankings to site that do a bit of all of the correct things, rather than doing a single or perhaps 2 points on an enormous scale. For instance, rather than buying thousand links from one company, which triggers all sorts of lower the rank of that page signals in google, instead get multiple individual websites to link to your content naturally.

And I do not mean, find automated ways to get numerous websites to link to your content naturally. I really mean get multiple individual websites to link to your content naturally.

And also the formula I will share with you in a moment is going to make that happen. Naturally. Just what google wants. And in case you provide them with what they would like, they are going to reward you with rankings.

One very last thing before I discuss with you the formula of mine, let me say this: In case the content of yours is lousy, all of the giving them what they want will not work, because nobody is going to want to look over your articles. And if nobody wants to look over the content of yours, no one is going to share your content.

Here is the secret to what I’m getting ready to share:

You have to create excellent content the men and women Wish to share and link to, then release that content to the entire world in a manner that can motivate visitors to share that content. Just the way this information has been created.

Think it over, I have written a document which contains insight that most likely nobody else on earth has put in all one place. So folks are going to want to share this content. Using the formula I am going to share in a moment, I’ll seed the web with this content. And since it’s content that is great, others will talk about it.

Here is just how it works:

1) Create content that is great. Ask the questions on this page to enable you to figure out whether you’ve written great content:

Then ask yourself this ONE question: is this the Very best content in the earth on this topic? If it’s NOT, your material is not really worth publishing. Every piece you create should be probably the best. BEST. If it is not the greatest, why should google even think about giving you a spot in their search engine? It’s theirs, by the way. Consider in case you held a party at the house of yours, and you asked everyone to bring their best dish to the home of yours. And in case they brought their worst or perhaps second best, it will be your right to do not invite them to the home of yours, right? And also the same with google. In case they ask for something, and you refuse to give it to them – then they’ve the right to NOT feature the content of yours. Completely fair, correct? Work with google rather than against them.

2) Once you’ve created the wonderful content, get it published online.

3) Tell men and women about it. If it’s really good content, those folks are going to tell other folks. And those other individuals are going to tell more people.

I remember when I was doing aggressive article marketing over at A number of articles will get thousands of views, others few. A number of articles will get re published, sent out to people’s lists, etc. And get a lot of visitors. But let me ask you this: do you think that if somebody is searching for a thing to post on the website of theirs, are they likely to choose really great content, or perhaps bad, not-well-thought-out content? If you would like folks to share the content of yours, it must be sharable. It should be something folks WANT to share.

Here is a good example of publishing content that is great and telling men and women about it:

I will make use of this document as the example.

As I write, this’s aproximatelly 1700 words. Likely when I’m finished, it is going to be aproximatelly 2000 words.

Here is what I want to do with this particular document:

1) Convert it to a pdf and make it a download when someone subscribes at my new domain:

2) Put the whole document on my site:

3) Break it into four 500 word blocks, and put one block in all these places, with a link to another instance of the content (for example, the article submitted to might have a link to and to the selfgrowth article; the article at might have a link to and to the google plus site. This allows the content of yours to become viral faster, and allows google to far more easily decide whether your material is relevant for their searches):

and a couple of other areas, based on the way I feel when I’m making the sample posts.

Now what’ll come about is the fact that individuals will read through the content at these sites, at ezinearticles, at selfgrowth, at google plus, and in case they love it they’ll talk about it. The greater this document is, the more often it’ll get shared. And also the more it gets shared, the additional links I am going to get, and also the more traction it’ll get in the various search engines.

I know this sounds really simple. It is.

Today, 1 of the actual keys is the fact that every time I write something this way, I distribute it to a diverse range of places. And I do not submit it everywhere. It must be different each time.

That is one mistake I see folks make, they receive a summary of some suggestions of places to submit to, and they think more is better. It is not. Simply have the content of yours to a couple of places, get visitors to see it, and allow the organic, organic and natural process take over.

Allow me to share a few other areas you might send out several of the content of yours (remembering this: just choose a number of these every time you release something):

an industry website in the niche of yours

an article directory in the niche of yours

blogs in the niche of yours

the websites of yours (yes, you are able to have more than 1)

the blogs of yours (yes, you are able to have more than 1)

Where else are you able to think of to post your online content?

And so to summarize, here’s the formula:

Write a 2000 word master document. Add the entire document on the site of yours. Then split into four 500 word pieces, and submit each piece to one of four various places online, with a link to the master document.

Then write another 2000 word master document.

Imagine if every day you wrote one 2000 word master document. In a single season you will have 400,000 words of content, 800 articles online, 200 2000 word master documents on the site of yours, and you would likely have all of the traffic you are able to deal with!

This’s my layered seo formula for getting high search rankings. Think of it as creating one master content piece (for example, the 2000 word master document) after that using the content piece to produce articles and snippets that lead readers to your master document.

And each content piece or perhaps snippet links to a different content piece or perhaps snippet. As folks organically share the content of yours, you’ll become exposed to more people who’ll read your content and perhaps get involved in the website of yours.

Note: to make stacking the layers easier, write the whole document first, then publish the part FIRST that you want linked to LAST. The reason behind this’s that if you post a single piece of content, you find the link to that piece of information. Then the other piece of contents links to the very first piece of information. The final piece of content links to the next piece of content, as well as to the site of yours where someone is able to get permission to access you as well as get All of the content.

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