How to Create an Entire Product Funnel in One Month

The way to Create an Entire Product Funnel in One Month

The very 1st thing that you are likely to do would be to produce a master outline of all the expertise of yours in the niche market of yours. A master outline of all the expertise of yours in the niche market of yours. This might get you many hours to do, but this will be worth the time of yours for the remainder of the career of yours in this particular niche. The reason behind this’s this master outline will serve as the master outline for every one of the items which you produce in the niche market of yours.

Clearly, in the future you are able to add to the outline of yours. But this outline can at first be the complete outline of yours. Allow me to explain exactly how that works. You are going to write down each of the various topics about which you’ve info in the niche market of yours. Let us assume you create them all down and you’ve ten. You might only eight, that is okay. You might have twenty five, that is okay too. But for the purpose of the call, I’ve to experience a selection to work with, so I am not just constantly saying eight, twelve, twenty five. We are simply going to use the number ten. It doesn’t need to be ten. But you are likely to have ten. You are likely to have a little number of topics, we are going to call it ten for this particular teaching.

So, you’ve ten topics. You’re going to write out all of the ten topics. After that, you’re about to write out for every among those ten topics, every one of the things which you understand about that specific matter. You might have ten elements that you understand about that topic, you might have twenty things that you know about that subject. Let us provide you with an extremely basic, I use this because every person is able to identify with it, I use 1 of your actual niches, without everybody can always identify with it. I have used the example of gardening in the past. Thus, in case we were to produce all of the understanding that we all know about gardening, and in case you are a gardening expert, and I am not. You may have ten topics, and these ten topics might be

* Summer Gardening
* Winter Gardening
* Gardening in The Backyard of yours
* Gardening Hydroponically
* Gardening on Your Apartment Balcony
* Gardening Fruits
* Gardening Vegetables
* Gardening Herbs

That is eight, I do not know a great deal about gardening, so let us stop at eight. Those’re my eight topics for this particular sample niche. Then what we are about to do is, we are going to choose for each among those eight topics, we are going to put down exactly what we know. So, let us just choose one of these. Plus, I do not understand anything about these, so I am just gon na be guessing.

So, let us pick the one about Gardening on your literal, physical, garden in the back yard of yours. That is going to be one topic, now there is seven more, you are able to perform the same for every one of these, obviously, that is not the niche of yours. You will be performing it for the market of yours.

So, gardening in the backyard.

Something that you may know about is soil. You may also know about tilling the soil. You may know about fertilizing the soil. You may know about watering the soil. You may know about deciding on the best plants for climate. You may know about deciding on the best seeds, when you should plant them, just how to plant them. How you can weed. How you can observe the growth of theirs. That is ten, but let us add on eleven, easy methods to harvest the garden of yours. So, today I have created eleven points, underneath one of the topics of mine.

However, in case I was a gardening expert, I will do this for each and every one of those eight points.

When you get done, you’ve eight points, eight topics, that you can create a freestanding product for. You can create a freestanding product for Gardening in The Backyard of yours. You can create a freestanding product for Gardening Hydroponically. You can create a freestanding product for Gardening Fruits. You can create a freestanding product for Gardening Vegetables, and for every one of eight topics, or perhaps four or perhaps five, or perhaps whatever it turns out to be.

You can develop a standalone product for every among those. You can create one master product that shows on all eight topics.

You can also, as time moves on, as your subscribers ask you additional questions. You can create superior products. Perhaps you’ve a few subscribers who ask you, very well, what about fertilization? How can you fertilize? You understand that in case you simply take that one point, which was a subtopic of a topic, you can think of an entire hour, or perhaps two or perhaps three, of teaching just on fertilizing. You might think of a teaching just on soil. You might think of a teaching on fruits. You might think of a teaching just on apples. Just on pears. Just on blackberries. Just on cherries. Just on raising watermelons. This can allow you, basically, with this outline to create dozens and dozens of products as time moves on. This’s a crucial step. It is remarkable the breakthroughs my clients have when they do this master outline. After you have created your master outline, creating your products becomes really easy. You have created right now, this outline, now you are likely to set out to create your first hundred dolars product.

Today, let me tell you this, these product prices I am giving you’re examples. You are able to go higher, you are able to go lower. I’ve found, nonetheless, that in many, many niches, these price points work very, very, perfectly. Plus, I find in case you start out with a solution which has a cost of a lot under hundred dolars, you have a tendency to attract folks into your buyers circle who’re much more economically challenged and much less prone to move to higher and higher products. I’ve discovered that the hundred dolars entry price point, for an entry product, weeds out a great deal of those individuals. And implies that a higher percentage of the buyers of yours will go on to make extra purchases.

Nevertheless, in some niches you might find your entry level product will be a $500 product, or perhaps possibly even a $thousand product. Thus, I am giving you this as an example. And I am also giving you what is gon na be included in the product as an example.

Thus, for instance, in this case, I am giving you the idea that we have got a hundred dolars product, and I am recommending 3hrs of recordings. Now that 3hrs is completely arbitrary. If you’ve incredible, incredible info, that nobody else on earth has. You can create a fifteen minute recording, and sell it for hundred dolars. In reality, in case you’ve life changing info, that nobody else on earth delivers, at any price, you can package all of that into five minutes worth of material. You can sell that for $10k. If it is the proper components to the right audience.

Plus, the flip side can also be true. When you put a hundred dolars price tag, as well as your recordings are worthless, you can create a 100 hours of worthless material, folks would not actually pay hundred dolars for it. They may not pay one dolars for it. So please understand that pricing must be in relation to what the content may be worth, and what folks will pay for that material, not based on some amount of hours of recordings.

Today, to think of this presentation easy, I have assigned an arbitrary number of recordings, and also by the way this’s fundamentally the route that I run. When I am creating a hundred dolars product, it is going to have somewhere between one to four hours worth of material. Sometimes it may contain more. If it contains more, it’s probably recordings from something else that I have done. Maybe a coaching class, or perhaps something I have done, that I find that the simplest way to package it’s to simply to put one price on it. It, probably could be offered for more.

A $500 product, I am recommending to have six hours of recordings, nonetheless, a $500 product could be three hours of recordings, in case you added one extra component. For instance, some homework assignments. Give folks four homework assignments. Give folks a twenty minute one-on-one session with you. Give folks two twenty minute one-on-one sessions with you. Give folks three group coaching calls, in addition to two – three hours worth of recording. If the content is great, you are able to quickly charge $500 for that material. Or perhaps, you are able to do six – eight hours of recordings. Once again, I am not giving you fast and hard, though, when I am giving you the daily instructions, I’m giving you hard and fast instructions. For instance, 6 hours, 3 hours, etc. Nevertheless, are aware that can vary. When you are recording your hundred dolars product and also you get to two 1/2 hours, and you have totally taught everything you have to teach, and you are aware that It has worth hundred dolars, STOP! it is two 1/2 hours worth of recording, that is a great spot to be. Same thing with your $500 product.

Your $1k product will start to appear a bit as coaching, but it is not likely to be your full scale coaching program. It’s gon na maybe contain ten hrs of recording, some access to you, maybe several live calls. Much love this system. Notice just how this system is set up. You are getting, I do not know the number of tracks are on that download page, I put what was needed for the growth of yours. I did not count recordings, I created what was needed for the growth of yours. Off the top the head of mine, I think it was eight or perhaps ten recordings. Some are more than an hour, some are shorter than an hour, I do not know the number of hours are in there. But it’s all material that you have to have for the growth of yours.

Plus, the way I structured that’s that you get those eight or perhaps ten hours of recording in the beginning, I give you a week study it, you are not likely to do some work the very first week, learn, just study, get the concepts of mine into the brain of yours. Begin to think a bit like I do, for a quick time. Then, one week later, you start to get seven modules. Today, whenever you create your $1k product, you are able to have four modules, you are able to three modules, you can have twenty modules. I do not recommend twenty. I suggest keeping it short. five, seven, something folks are able to sink the teeth of theirs into, and simply do it. This is not the full scale coaching program. We are going to get to that in only a moment.

Then is your $2k plus coaching program. In case you, based on the experience of yours, based on just how long you have been working with me, you can build a far more extensive coaching program than $2k. I find that $5k, and eight dolars are extremely popular price points, they sell very well, in case they are promoted correctly, they are great for monetization. Long run, I’d really like to see everyone on this particular call selling $5k – $8k coaching program. Notice, you are not gon na be selling $5k – $8k coaching to folks that do not understand you. They are likely to buy your hundred dolars product, they are going to buy your $500 product, they are likely to by your $1k product. They are likely to begin to believe in you. And many they are likely to believe in you. They believe in you just a little bit whenever they buy that hundred dolars product, and they utilize it and they say, wow, you did such a fantastic job on that product, I will buy another one. And they learn that, and say wow, this’s a lot more effective, exceptional, now let us get the $1k product. And then you will have a portion of individuals that move to another level. Through the course of the program, seven weeks to four products, I am calling it a $2k coaching program for you. You are able to up the price in case you would like, but you are likely to discover on my training materials, it is going to say $2k coaching program.

For the coaching program, instead recording the material in advance, rather than creating the lessons in advance, you’re likely to sell the coaching first, then you are likely to produce the lessons based on the requirements of the folks in the system. That’s exactly how I have consistently created my coaching programs. I have launched several, multiple training programs during the last few years, and I’ve never, ever created the lessons first. Today, please do not misunderstand me, I know what the coaching plan will be about. I might have written out eight or perhaps ten points that I intend to teach individuals. Nevertheless, I don’t create the lessons until folks come into the coaching program. There is 2 reasons for that. The very first cause is, you do not understand what men and women need until they sign up. So, let us say you understand you are likely to teach on these eight topics ; however, you do not understand what folks truly need. Do they require a great deal of topic one, or perhaps bit of topic two. Do they require a great deal of every, what do folks need? Plus, what exactly you should do is, and I’ll be teaching you the way to do this, which means you are able to actually not take notes for another 2 minutes, as I run type through this one small piece here.

You are able to actually, the minute they sign up, you are able to actually send and email out, which says “I am putting the final touches on this coaching program, and I would like to find out specifically what are the top three things you would like me to invest most time on.” Now, what I have discovered is, in case I bring in ten folks to a coaching program, and they have all are available in off identical sales page. They have all seen exactly the same eight to ten points I am going to be talking about, they have all seen similar reasons that I provided them for signing up. Almost everybody gives me similar top three. I mean, they might stop being precisely the same, they might make use of a number of words. One individual may have two that are just like everyone, and they’ve one oddball. One person has one oddball, then two that are the same. But if you add them all up, and you consider it, you go wow, these clients require this, this, this and this, and they need a great deal of it. They do not require that much of these additional items.

After that, you set about creating the lessons of yours. Now remember when you’ve a coaching program, a coaching program implies they are likely to get timed material. Keep in mind, with the goods of yours, a hundred dolars, a $500 and this $1k product. They are getting the learning materials up front. It is a product. Today, you will notice when we are chatting about this $1k product, much like what you are enrolled in this time, this’s kind of like a hybrid, since you find the training materials in the beginning, then again, you’ve seven weeks of extra homework, etc. Thus, it is kind of like a hybrid. Nevertheless, when we go along with just coaching, they are likely to get metered material. They are likely to get one lesson every week, one lesson every ten days, 2 lessons a month. Regardless of the case is. What that implies is, that if somebody signs up today. For your coaching program, and you ask them what they truly wish to work on, you ask, everyone that signs up. You have got an entire week or even ten days, to design your initial lesson, to send out to those individuals. So now you might have some preliminary materials that you send them, perhaps as you are creating the lesson of yours, you send them a daily email that kind of gets them going. But if they sign up for coaching program, they understand they are failing to get everything up front. So, then you create that first lesson.

Then, as they are performing the initial lesson, they might have questions, you start responding to the questions in the second lesson, and adding additional material in. Today, so if lessons come out every two weeks, very well, you are able to actually have two weeks to develop each lesson. Today, what you might do, in case you actually wanted, will produce the very first lesson right if you sell it. So they do not have to hold out for that first lesson, that is alright too. You are able to create that first lesson.

The second reason, I told you that there were two reasons. one is that you truly do not understand what they need to have in the coaching program, until they sign up. The second reason is, I have noticed this time and time again, in case you wait to launch your coaching program until you have written all ten lessons, you would possibly not launch your coaching program. Why? Because you most likely won’t ever know what you should put into your ten lessons, until someone signs up. Thus, it is as this Catch 22, it is mouse and cat, around and around, you create the first lesson, you write the 2nd one. Then you do not understand what to invest the 3rd one, now you do not launch your coaching program.

Much preferable to launch, to get ten folks to pay you, and in case you’ve ten folks which have actually paid you, they have already paid you, you finally have an obligation to produce these lessons. And, right now, you’ll. I have discovered that when you’ve an obligation to do something, you generally have a tendency to do it much more, than in case you are simply hoping you are able to launch it down the road. Additionally, you get paid faster in case you sell it, then create it later. Today, on down the road, you are able to resell that identical coaching program, without creating new lessons, because, today you have created those lessons once, according to the input of the 1st ten folks that were in. The future folks that are available in will get similar lessons that you created at first, however you will continue to improve those lessons as folks continue to ask questions.


At this stage, I’d love to open up this teaching for any comments or questions on anything that I’ve discussed so much.

Any comments or perhaps questions, I have unmuted the line. Thus, just speak up, tell me the name of yours, I do not recognize all of your voices yet. Tell me the name of yours, and your comment or perhaps question.

Okay folks, if there are not any comments or perhaps questions, then we will get to the instruction.

Alright, now let me say this. What I have just given you is the outline of all these four products. All of these four products which you are likely to produce. Now I am going to inform you exactly how to produce them.

The initial thing that I gave you, of course, was the outline. In order to do the outline, at first you are likely to do the outline of yours. This’s likely to serve as your master outline for every one of these items. Let us talk about literally creating your first hundred dolars product. You are likely to go in and also select a percentage of the outline of yours that you’d love to use for this particular item. And so this may be, in case you are gardening, it may be just fruit gardening. Or perhaps you may choose to create one thing that is basic, and you simply spend a couple of minutes on each subject. That is alright too.

Then what you are likely to do is you are likely to start to record. Now there is numerous softwares available that you are able to make use of to record, and perhaps they are all truly good. Maybe there is a few are not, I do not wish to suggest some softwares available that you are simply going to load onto you computer, but in case you’ve something, be at liberty to use it. I actually use audio acrobat dot come. It enables you to shoot on the pc of yours, it allows you to record on the telephone of yours. It enables you to shoot through a microphone. It enables you to record 3 way conversations. It enables you to record conference calls. Hence, you are able to actually use, you are able to actually create this by making use of the microphone on the pc of yours, or else you are able to dial in making use of the telephone of yours to produce each one of the recordings of yours.

There is a number of other softwares these days, in case you’ve one you want and you have used, use it. I am just providing you with this as an option of among the reasons that I do several of the very own recordings of mine.

Here is how you are likely to do this, in case you have never ever done a recording before, this’s not likely to really feel excellent the very first time around. I am going to recommend you get it done anyway. Just the way I have given you. If it does not turn out to be three hours worth of recording, it is just an hour, you are able to make a choice. Do you are looking to add in this today as a bonus on a future product? Do you are looking to make this as a freebie to individuals that sign up on your list? Do you wish to eliminate it and start over? Today, let me say this, ninety nine % of the time, if you feel like destroying it and starting over, you truly should not. It is decent enough to at a minimum give away. It actually is. Unless it is just absolute horrible job, you must, absolutely must get over, in case you are not already over this, get over the idea of perfection. When you are listening to me teach today, due to the reality that I am teaching off of an outline, I do not have every word prepared. And means that I am going to speak in phrases. It means that from time to time, I might stutter, or perhaps mumble or perhaps have to think of something, or perhaps pronounce something incorrectly. I might use poor grammar. I might act confused. I might have to cough. It doesn’t impact the quality of the content.

Clearly, we wish to do all that we are able to to think of the recording as cleans as possible. In case you are getting an extremely bad day as well as your throat is sore since you are having a truly bad flu, and you are coughing every two minutes. That is most likely not the very best day to a recording. Nevertheless, don’t let small things as ums and coughs and ahs and things you forget as well as do things out of order. Do not allow that to make you rerecord something. Place it in there. The buyers of yours are going to let you know whether a particular recording is a problem. I recall in the past, I have done, this has happened many times, wherever I have done ten hours worth of recording, and I do not always pay attention to every recording when I am done, I just believe it is good. I use good sound software, I always assume it is good. All of a sudden, when individuals get to say the 3rd recording, I get a whole bunch of email messages that says “Wow, we cannot understand, there is excessive background noise” or perhaps whatever the case is. What do I do? I purely say, boy, I apologize. Go onto recording four, I will take care of this for you. Then, I often fix the recording, in case it is feasible, or perhaps I just record it over. I just record again. It is no big deal. It actually is not. Plus, don’t allow this to become a huge deal for you. Because, thus, making this a huge deal is going to be a roadblock for you.

You’ve the outline, and let us say, we’ve a master outline, and today we have made the decision we are going to make a hundred dolars product based on some percentage of that outline. Perhaps you are looking to rewrite that portion of the outline on a new outline, just love what I showed you today, at the very beginning of this call when I showed you what my outline looked like for the day.

When you begin out, what I suggest is, in case you’ve a sixty minute recording. When you are likely to do a 1hour recording. Give yourself a minimum of ten – twenty topics talk about. Then just think about to merely speak for three to six minutes on each subject. I guarantee you, that in case you understand the business of yours, you are able to speak from three to six minutes on any subject on that site. In reality, in case you’ll simply allow yourself to speak, as in case you were educating a friend over lunch, who asked you a number of questions about the market of yours, and you were to simply talk easily, my guess is you will capture a lot more than six minutes for each subject. Because, in case you consider it, I have shared with you a lot of notes here, so I most likely have maybe fifteen lines of material, but I just have what, four or perhaps five topics here, and up to now, I have spoken what, thirty three minutes? I have got several more topics to go through. Thus, we are looking at eight or perhaps ten minutes per topic. Now I am not timing it. When you initially get started, you may wish to time it. You may want to say, hey, I have to speak for no less than five minutes on this particular subject. Should you go over, that is alright, who cares if it takes you three hours to do what you thought would be an hour. Very well, three hours, you thought it was going to be an hour, fantastic, you’ve your hundred dolars product.

Write a sales page, be done with it. In the training you are likely to be receiving from me, I am going to show you how to produce a sales page. I am going to show you how to put it into your auto responder. it is not part of today’s presentation, but It is all in the material.

I would love to start the call up once more for any questions on how you can do this recording, this’s the opportunity of yours to speak up, in case you’ve any questions about how you can do this recording, please speak up now. Any questions?

[Kathleen] May I ask the opinion of yours, and you are able to simply tell me in case I missed the point. You said outline the knowledge of yours and create, are to write down the topics of yours, like ten topics for instance. But why don’t we say you’ve fifty topics, on that piece of knowledge. Is it a greater strategy to, choose the top, or perhaps what you believe is probably the most important five, or perhaps would you suggest combining a number of topics into one bigger topic? Which way should you go with that?

[Sean] Well, to begin with Kathleen, let me say this, that there is wrong way or perhaps absolutely no right to do this. If you’ve fifty topics, plus obviously subtopics for every one of those fifty topics. You have got plenty of material to make a 100 products over time. What I recommend you do first, is really write out all fifty topics. Do not merely write out the ones you are likely to work with at this time. Write everything out. The way you will have the ability to create an entirely informed decision for yourself about what to begin with. Then you’ve to make a choice. Most likely, in case I were to suggest for you. With time, create a number of kinds of products. One item is going to go really deep into a single topic. Another product will just actually be a quick overview of all fifty topics. Another product may be three topics rolled into one. Another product may be, once again, only one thing stand alone. I cannot really recommend what is the ideal thing for you to perform first. I mean, in case you are so, if that gets a roadblock for you in a week, and you are stuck due to the indecision of yours, I could make a choice for you, but I can guarantee you it is going to be an arbitrary decision. I can close the eyes of mine, and throw a dart at the wall, and whichever one I came up with, it will be the appropriate one, since it merely does not really matter. Does that make sense?

[Kathleen] Yes, it does.

[Sean] However, in case you are taking a look at this hundred dolars product, $500 product and a $1k product, and a coaching program. What I’d most likely recommend, for your hundred dolars product, is one thing that is introductory. Something which wouldn’t touch on all fifty topics, but is introductory. Give folks an idea of every thing you teach. Because, remember, whenever you sell the original product of yours. Your initial hundred dolars product, that is not the profit maker of yours, that will rarely pay for the visitors of yours. That’s not likely to teach people exactly what they have to learn. Because you’ve hundreds, most likely of hours of info. In case you teach for three hours, they are likely to be scratching the surface area. And so the objective of first hundred dolars product, really from the perspective of yours, ought to be to prove to folks that buy it that you understand what you are talking about, and that you are able to enhance the life of theirs by working with you. You are likely to deliver good solid info. Nevertheless, you are just going to be giving you the tip of the iceberg. As it is not feasible to deliver much more. The same as, in case you go to a restaurant which has eighty different items on the menu, one evening you are able to just select one of the products. Perhaps you can select two in case you include an appetizer in. But in case you really want to sample everything in that restaurant, you are likely to have to come back every Friday night, for a year, before you are able to sample everything in that restaurant.

That is the way it’s with your hundred dolars product. That is merely the very first entree that they are buying from you. Does that make sense?

[Kathleen] Yes, it does.

[Sean] Because it is the very first entree, you pretty much wish it to be like a sampler. Kind of like, you know exactly how when you are going to a buffet, and there is seventy items on the buffet. Boy, all of this looks great, but I cannot put an entire spoon full of every thing on this buffet on the plate of mine since I could not eat it all. The very first-time you go through, you actually get a teaspoon of like twelve different items. Have you ever done that before? On a buffet? You have gone through, and you get just a little teaspoon of everything?

[Kathleen] I am not going to admit to it.

[Sean] Okay, very well, I did! That is what I do, I do. A teaspoon of everything! twelve items, anything that looks great to me, I simply put teaspoon on the plate of mine. I return, and I sit back, and sample each one, and in case I do not like it, I do not consume all of it. If I love it, I eat the entire teaspoon, and I remember what I am about to return for. Then, when I return for my real plate. I simply put three or perhaps four items on the plate. I consider the standard serving spoon, and I put a complete serving of that item on the plate of mine. Now I understand it is good. That is kind of what your hundred dolars product will be. It is going to be sort of a sampling of most things which you are able to teach. It is going to deliver value that is really good. The same as the sampling plate at the buffet did. Nevertheless, it’s likely to give folks a desire to want more. Does that makes sense?

[Kathleen] I see that, of course.

[Sean] Nevertheless, in the $1k product, you are likely to do one of 2 things. What I love to do is, I love to ask the buyers of mine what they would like next. That is just how I do it. Because we are going to stuff four products into seven weeks, you are not likely to have a great deal of time to be asking your subscribers things, you will not have a great deal of subscribers, you do, but several individuals in this system do not have a lot of subscribers yet. I am trying to boil this down on the easiest way we are able to do it. I am saying, arbitrarily choose what another you are going to be. What this may be, let us say your hundred dolars product was an overview of ten or perhaps twelve of your fifty things that you are able to teach on. Your $500 product maybe digs deeper into three of those. Then, your $1k product, perhaps it goes wider and digs deep into eight or perhaps ten items, but they are strategically placed so that, each one of those items fits into a pattern. The same as, in case you have already begun listening to the original downloads for this particular program, and you have noticed that every among the recordings is on a specific subject you have to know. Nevertheless, you have also noticed that there’s an order. They starts out together with the background, how to be an expert or even a guru. Then, let me just pull it up so I’ve them right in front of me. Because, I want this to be precise.

Thus, the very first thing is, howto position yourself as a guru. Then I have got one that is an introduction. Then there is an overview. Then there is a launch structure. I cannot believe that nobody let me know that we had a typo there, I am embarrassed now. Then there is a sample funnel. Thus, each one of these builds on another one. You are able to do the same in the niche of yours. You are able to have ten recordings that come together, and build together. And then if you build your coaching program, you have got a choice. You are able to go wide, and literally coach on all ten topics, or else you are able to create a coaching program that is actually created for individuals that have a tough time in a single specific region. Does this type of clarify this for you, or perhaps make it easier?

[Kathleen] Yes it does, it definitely does.

[Sean] Excellent.

Any additional questions for me Kathleen?

[Kathleen] Well, I am going to process the answer of yours to the final question of mine. And then I am certain I will have another one.

[Sean] Excellent, excellent. There is a great deal of processing going on this time around.

Let us open the call up, more questions. I have still got more teaching to do, any questions on anything that I have discussed so much?

Okay folks, if there are not any questions, I will get to the teaching, be sure hit mute again, and we will return to the teaching.

I am not going to give you so much information on the $500 and the $1k product as I did on the very first one, because on the hundred dolars product I was going into a small amount of precisely howto do it. Effectively, if you record your $500 product, the only difference is it has six hours rather than three. Plus, also the info I just gave Kathleen, kind of jumped into what I was going to teach next. You must know, you must have a little clarity regarding how to create that $500 product.

You are going to do aproximatelly six hours worth of material. It may be five, it might be seven, it might be ten. I mean, it truly will depend on what you would like to cover, and in case you discover you are very long winded, and it takes you twice as long, that is okay.

Then you’ve a $1k product. This will most likely look a great deal like what I am performing with this program. ten or perhaps so hours of recordings, and some access to you. Let us talk about what access to you might possibly are like. It might be unlimited email access. Today, please, do not allow yourselves to be scared by unlimited email access. I understand what is going through the minds of yours. In case I give folks unlimited email access, they are likely to email me twenty five times one day, and I am going to be tied to the email of mine, and I am going to lose the life of mine since I am focusing on email. Allow me to say this, #1 everybody who enrolls in the program of yours, particularly in case they have invested $1k. They are likely to be really respectful of the time of yours. They’re just planning to send you emails when they truly need help. They are not likely to send you an email each hour. It is not going to take place. I have had hundreds and hundreds and thousands of clients over the last few years, I have just had one client ever, I’d going to and say, look, you are actually abusing this unlimited email thing. What he will do was, he will send out an email in the early morning with twenty five questions in it.

The very first time he did this, I fell for it. I took as an hour, or perhaps whatever the number was, I do not remember just how long it has taken me. But I answered every among the twenty five questions. I sent it to him. I was honoring my unlimited email policy. I sent it to him. My perception is, in case you’ve hundred folks signed up, and one individual takes more hours than the others, very well, that is okay. Because some individuals won’t ever, ever ask you a question, so it still reasonable for you. You’ve one individual that requires a bit more time, it is alright, it actually is.

I wrote him back, answered the twenty five questions. An hour later, or perhaps maybe two hours later, he’d another twenty five questions, follow up questions. I dutifully answered maybe one half of them, sent it back. He’d far more questions an hour or perhaps two later, I wrote him back and I said, look …. This had been building to this point for some time. I possibly could have nipped it earlier. But I did not want to. I actually wanted to honor unlimited. I had not at that point ever actually thought about what is the limit of mine for unlimited. Because, it is unlimited!

Nevertheless, I wrote him back and I said, I said, look, here is what I believe is going on with you. I feel you’re over analyzing what you are doing, rather than applying what you are doing. So, here is what I am going to recommend. Rather than sending me twenty five questions, send me one, I will respond to it, and the one thing I would like you to perform before you ask another question, is implement everything I taught you for question one, then come to me. And, right away, that is what he started to do. I do not believe I’d to handle the point that he was sending numerous emails. I purely had to deal with the root problem, which was, he was spending almost all of his time writing questions rather than doing the work. Thus, I tackled the issue to do the work, he got to wherever he was sending me a question every alternative day. I would send him an answer, and he will perform the work, after which he started to have success. Plus, in fact, he began, in case I remember correctly, he started to have a lot more results after that, than he’d for the three or perhaps four months prior. I’d never realized that as being a problem. I was simply answering the questions of his. After it started to be very pronounced, I nipped it in the bud. You are able to do exactly the same thing also. Frankly, you are going to seldom have someone who steps over the line. Barely ever.

Thus, limitless, you are able to provide them with unlimited access. No one, no one, will abuse it. So, do not be fearful of unlimited.

One more thing that you are able to do is, in case you are getting started in this business. There is a well used saying, and I do not know exactly where this came from. There is a well used saying that whenever you begin the business of yours, you’ve plenty of time, and also you do not always have a great deal of cash. Nevertheless, when you’ve been in business for some time, in case you have done things correctly, you do not have time that is much, but you’ve even more cash. Clearly, that refers to the idea, that when you get started, you’ve to do a few things with the time of yours that you will pay others to do the moment you’d more money than time.

Nevertheless, I love to take a look at it from this perspective. When you are first starting out, you’ve much more time. Give it to the subscribers of yours. Really, invest it in the subscribers of yours. What do you’ve to drop?

When your first starting out, you could give folks a little access to you. A few of ways that are different to accomplish that are, you might provide them with an hour of one on one consulting. You can give them three hours of one on one consulting. You can give them three – twenty minute sessions of a single on one consulting. What some coaches do, is they’ve an one hour open coaching slot, after a week. Wherever they actually provide you with their home telephone, or perhaps office number, or perhaps the cellphone of theirs. And they will point out, look between the hours of ten and eleven on Wednesday, in case you call me, I will answer the phone, and I will respond to any of the questions of yours. Plus, in case you get a busy signal, call back in five minutes. That is a design that a number of coaches use. I do not use the model, but it is a model that a large amount of folks like, and it is something which you are able to definitely control the time of yours.

You can also offer several live group coaching calls, much like what I am doing right here. Plus, you are able to also record those coaching calls, the same as I am recording this. Because, not only am I recording this, for you, hint, hint, for the future of yours. Not only am I recording this to provide you with this info. Nevertheless, I’m recording this, and I am going to be ready to place this material, either into future versions of this same coaching program, and never having to re teach it. Or perhaps, I can build a stand alone product, or perhaps anything else I want.

ALL of your teaching should be recorded! Anytime you teach a coaching program, you need to record everything. You are able to repurpose those recordings in the future. Here is another tip. Anything you record, you are able to have it transcribed. Plus, you are able to have your transcribers create ebooks for you. You are able to have your transcribers break the recordings of yours into articles. Submit articles, and it will take away your article typing time. All of that. Thus, that wasn’t incorporated in the outline of mine, but I could not resist giving that to you.

Okay folks, I am going to start the call up, after which I will take questions, then I am going to get into some time management. Some focus items. I have just unmuted the line, any questions? Any questions at all on anything at all I have discussed so much.

Fine, no questions, I am going to mute the line once more and get back to the teaching.

Here is the thing, what I have just given you, is easy. in case you do not think it is easy, but, I’ll be sending you the recording, in case you are not listening to this as a recording, if you are living with me, you are likely to get this as a recording. When you do, listen to it once again. When you have the 1st module, as you see me break down every one of the days, you are likely to start to find out how easy this’s. Just since it is easy, does not mean it is not hard!

For instance, you begin a new workout program at the gym. It may be simple, it might only have six exercises. Nevertheless, whenever you go do the exercises, as you are meant to do them. And also you do them for forty five minutes, once you get done, you are in pain. Hopefully not bad pain, you are simply tired, and some sore. You worked really hard, it is not easy. Then, tomorrow, if you go to the gym, it is even harder.

It is a workout. six exercises. Nevertheless, it is difficult to do.

What I have just given you are going to have some elements which are hard. I cannot tell you what they will be. For several of you probably the hardest part will be recording. For several of you, the most difficult part is going to be the outline. For several of you, the most difficult part will be putting a price on it. For several of you probably the hardest part is going to be just taking the word of mine that you are able to sell your coaching program before you create the lessons.

For every one of you, there is going to be a unique thing that is hardest. Here is the thing, I am going to look you in the eyes over this phone at this time, as I speak in to the phone, as I speak to you. If you will do all that I am teaching you now. Plus, particularly follow the daily instructions I am going to be giving you in those seven modules. You are going to complete all of this. Today, several of you, in case you put eight or perhaps ten hours one day into it. You may complete everything in two weeks. Several of you, that will only put two or three hours one day, perhaps it will take eight weeks rather than seven. Perhaps it is going to take 9 weeks rather than 7.

Perhaps in case you type a bit slower, perhaps it is going to help you move an additional week. Perhaps in case you are an extremely confident person, and you are able to whip out two or perhaps three hours worth of recording in a single sitting, rather than one one day like I am going teach you. Then, maybe, you are likely to get done quicker and it takes only four weeks rather than seven. Nevertheless, I can let you know this, the instructions I am giving you today, the directions which are on the download page that you have previously received. The directions which are likely to be on the weekly modules, the daily instructions. They are complete. When you do almost everything I am giving you to do, you’re going to, in around seven weeks, five for several of you, nine for several of you probably. When you finish all those assignments, you are likely to have a bona fide business. You are likely to use a list, you are going to use a squeeze page, you are going to have traffic, you are going to have articles, you are going to have products, you are going to get a coaching program. It is all going to be automated, and you are likely to have the ability to start building bigger and bigger.

That is what you are likely to have, in case you just … do … the … work.

Just how will you have the ability to remove all of this done?

You have to prioritize.

If you’ve a four hour time period to work, and you sit back at the computer, and you spend the first forty five minutes reading all of the email messages that marketers send you, and all of the jokes that your family sends you, and reading all the various sales pages, of all the various things you can buy that could help you out, you are forty five minutes in the hole.

Then, if rather than following the directions of mine, you attempt to go to YouTube to look for a video of the way to do something which I have given you specific instructions to do. You spend another hour looking at different videos, and today you’ve ten ways that are different to do it, and you do not know which a person to do, today you are an hour and forty five minutes in the hole today.

Now you are discouraged, and you think, I cannot get everything done today, perhaps I will wait until tomorrow. You then eventually read the instructions of mine for that day, and you go wow, there is number way I will be able to accomplish this in two hours. I guess today’s gone. You return to the email of yours, and there is an additional twenty minutes worth of emails. You recognize exactly how it’s folks, since I have been there. I have wasted time online. I still do it. I get caught in the trap folks. I have set down, and said today I am going to develop a product, and three hours later, I have responded to email, and I have studied howto drive more visitors, and I have studied something else. I have searched for another silver bullet. I am trying to make things perfect. And behold and lo, at the conclusion of the day, I have not developed a product.

What would I’ve been much better off doing?

Would I’ve been much better off answering a lot of email messages from individuals that do not know me really. Trying to find ways to get much more traffic. From learning these issues. From looking for another silver bullet. Trying to make things perfect. Plus, at the conclusion of the day, have absolutely nothing to show for myself.

Or perhaps in case I’d just sat down and took three hours and also recorded a brand new product, then tomorrow I could sell the item and make a lot of cash. Which could be more efficient? For me, developing the item is much more useful.

Remember to understand, I get into exactly the same trap you do. The web is so simple to get lost in time. Before I start Googling, I should get some info aproximatelly something, I’ve all of the info I needed within five minutes, but I get interested in this, and I click on this pay-per-click ad since it seems really fascinating and I click there and I get the name of mine and email address and I get a brand new download for something, and it is a fifty page ebook about something, I am like, Wow! I cannot believe somebody else is teaching about this. So I read through the entire ebook, now it is another twenty five minutes. And I say, wow, that is some great info. What am I going to do with it? Very well, I am most likely not going to do anything with it, since it actually does not pertain to me. It is simply useful info. Then I return to the email of mine. There is another follow up email from the person I just gave the name of mine and email address to, and I read through it since I am interested. Then, somebody else has sent me something, after which I come across something different.

Before I know it, two 1/2 hours later, I haven’t accomplished anything. And I started out with a five minute Google search.

I know the way it happens, you’ve to manage it.

I do not have a silver bullet for controlling it, nonetheless, I have gotten really proficient at managing it.

Among the things that is included in your download is a recording known as Action Management vs. Time Management.

Basically what I do is I teach you on that recording the best way to prioritize the actions of yours, rather than prioritizing the time of yours. I am not going to invest a great deal of time on it, since it is on that recording. Nevertheless, I do wish to provide you with a number of resources that you are able to go outside of me to find out about this. In case you are the person type that truly has a difficult time with time management, you will discover you are not concentrating on what you need to be focusing on. If you discover you are the person type who makes lists of things to do. You recognize exactly how it’s, you create a list of twenty things to do, and three of them are very important, and seventeen of them aren’t, but they all have to be done. This’s timeless, it is hilarious to me, this’s what I do, I write this list of twenty items.

The proper method to accomplish this would be to go in and do the three things which are essential first. Human nature as what it’s, what I do, as well as everything you most likely do, is you wish to cross off as a lot of things on the list as you can, as quickly as possible. So you really feel productive for the day. Anybody felt that way before? That is what I have done. I go in, and I simply start doing the simplest things first, since it allows me to cross things off. Do step #1, ah, cross if off! Next thing takes two minutes, cross it off. Today, in an hour, I have done all seventeen things. And I look at the list and I feel great, since I have crossed off seventeen things, and I have done it in an hour, and I have had eight hours to work, and I am excited about it.

Then I take a look at the next step to do, and it is a greater priority thing, and it is going to take two hours to do. Effectively, today I have been working very hard for an entire hour crossing off these seventeen items, I am tired. Now I go and I get off, and also I grab a Coca Cola, I take just a little walk, and I relax, and I come back twenty minutes later, and I look at the list of mine and I say. Very well, I have done seventeen things today, I will simply do those three things tomorrow.

Look, I have done it, you have most likely done it. In case you have difficulty with that, you have to tune in to my recording on Action Management vs. Time Management. Plus, you additionally have to consider reading some book are that are on the wide open market, you are able to get them at Amazon, you are able to most likely buy the majority of these at the local bookstore of yours. I am going to provide you with the titles and the writers of these books. And I am going to suggest that in case you’ve struggled with any of the things I have just mentioned, please, head out and buy, I would love for you to get all four of these books, but at least start with one of them. I am going to provide them to you.

Four Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

Today, let me provide you with plenty of background. No matter who you’re, half of that book isn’t likely to use to you. Today, the exact same half that is true to me, might not pertain to you. And vice versa. The half that is true to Kathleen, may not apply to Beverly, but the half that applies to Beverly may not apply to Kathleen. It is an amazing book. Entirely thorough. Nevertheless, it is more info than any one person needs. Nevertheless, it is incredible. Plus, the sole method to have done a much better job with it will have been to write six books that are different, which would’ve been inefficient. So, read it, take out what you need to have, and leave the rest behind. Do not allow it to change the entire life course of yours, based on going off on a rabbit trail, determine what works for you.

The following books I recommend are called

Work Less, Do More – Jan Yager

Power of Full Engagement – Tony Schwartz and jim Loehr

Never Check E Mail in the Morning – Julie Morgenstern

Today, Julie’s book, Never Check E Mail in the early morning gives you plenty of suggestions on how you can be more efficient. It is much less about time management, but about being effective. The idea with not checking email in the early morning is not it takes you twenty minutes to answer email. And that you may get lost and spend three hours on email, that is not the reason. Although, that is an adequate reason to not check email in the morning. The main reason that you do not wish to check email very first thing in the morning, is because email is reactive. Meaning that when you’re answering emails, you are responding to other peoples questions and problems. It puts you in a reactive phase. Kind of like in case you are defending yourself in a street fight, and somebody attacked you from behind a corner of a dark alley, you will be fighting defensively the entire time. Alright, so today in case you have fought for twenty minutes defensively, after which you’d to go make an attack on a different opponent, it will be tough. Because you will stay in this defensive mindset. That is what goes on when you check email in the morning. You start to be extremely defensive. All you do is reactive. After which, thirty minutes later when it is time that you can be proactive and create a brand new product, your brain is in the wrong mode for creation.

Thus, the very first thing you do if you wake up in the early morning is create the product. Write that sales letter. Write those seven emails. Do what must be done that is hands, after which you will have the ability to do your reactive things at the conclusion of the day whenever they do not matter. That is only one of like, I do not know, maybe fifty different ideas in that book.

Thus, Never Check E Mail in the Morning.

Power of Full Engagement is about dealing with the whole life of yours, so you are much more effective all day long. I endorse the book.

Work Less, Do More … I don’t believe I have actually read all of Work Less, Do More, as I’ve Power of Full Engagement and four Hour Work Week. Nevertheless, I think that based on the topics which are reviewed in there, in case you are likely to look at other three books, hey, see this one too. You are not likely to get almost everything out of all of these books, you are likely to take what works for you. Plus, in case you buy these four books, you read one a week for four weeks, and you listen to my Action Management vs. Time Management. And also you figure out how to concentrate on the items which are essential, rather than wasting the time of yours on the things which are not. You’re going to be five to ten times more effective than you’re at the moment. I endorse you do this.

This concludes today’s lesson, four products in one month. Remember, that on several things I haven’t got into detail that is amazing on how you can do them. The content is on the download page. Your ten hours worth of material. I haven’t gone into detail on many topics, and you are likely to be getting detailed instructions on those seven modules, which are one lesson, one specific assignment every day. There is gon na be detailed instructions their as well.

Nevertheless, I’d love to open up the call, and, if there is some questions at all on anything that I’ve just covered. I will have those at this time.

[Mark] I’ve good news, I’ve finally gotten my very first e mail sign up from all the article marketing and advertising that I have been doing. It is going well, finally.

[Sean] Excellent! Congratulations! I will inform you, after that starts to happen, it is all like a snowball. As soon as you get that very first subscriber, then you definitely find the 2nd one, then you get two one day, then you get four in one day, after which you are putting products in there. It’s as a snowball. And, Mark, boy, I totally congratulate you! I am fired up for you.

[Mark] Yeah, it has taken me a quite a while, I’d to, my very first subscriber came after eighty four articles, but for me the most difficult thing, so this kind of goes to what you had been talking about somewhat earlier, was, in school, it was not a great deal a situation of not being focused, and getting the action mindset, the major trouble is that in school we had been shown to do was to do everything completely and that is just not true at all you just need to find the things these days, then when you finally do that, for me, that has been the main hold back. Was, several of the material isn’t likely to do well, I realize it is not going to be great, but I simply get it these days, and, let the rest of the folks in the world vote on it, with the legs of theirs, or perhaps the eyeballs of theirs, or perhaps the wallets of theirs, or perhaps whatever it’s. Go from there. You simply do not understand what people are going to need, even in case you are an authority in the area of yours.

[Sean] You are absolutely right! You are absolutely right! You do not know early, and you purely need to do the work in faith that is blind right up front. And, I am hoping it does not take eighty four articles. Typically, I mean a lot of people get their very first subscriber after literally writing the primary couple of articles, and it begins to snowball after that. Thus, we may continue to have to perform a bit of tweaking on your resource boxes on your squeeze page. But that is really another issue for one more time. Boy, Mark, I want to conclude this with congratulations, and I am excited for the progress of yours there. I truly am. Thank you a lot for sharing that.

[Mark] Thanks, as well as to the individuals that are having, struggling, to the article stuff, you simply have to buy it around, you are going to get much better with time, with practice. It is not a thing that is just going to happen overnight like anything. Start off as a novice and you will create think and one thing, I’ve articles that I sat down and I sweated tears over for hours, then I only get one view. Then I’ve a little I wrote in five minutes, and they have received a huge selection of views. There is just no reason or perhaps rhyme to it, but it is what many people need and you do not realize that ahead of time.

[Sean] You are really right, and that is one of the elements which I teach, of course, would be that we wish to make those articles happens as quickly as you possibly can. Because a five minute article is able to produce the exact same number of subscribers, or even more, than an one hour article, or perhaps a five hour article. And that is clearly one of several elements that we truly wish to concentrate on. So, great. Thanks for sharing that Mark.

Alrighty folks, other comments or perhaps questions? I am going to start the call up in only a moment for all questions, but other comments or questions on anything that I have taught thus far on today’s presentation?

[Kathleen] There is one particular piece that I am foggy on, and that’s, selling coaching first. You provide the coaching then and first you design it based on what the folks require afterwords. What I am not seeing clearly is … when you say, sell coaching, I see a sales page. Plus, usually on the sales page will be a bulleted list of what is in the service. Thus, those two things do not line up for me.

[Sean] Okay, that makes sense Kathleen. What that bulleted list will do, is it is going to tell them what they are likely to find out. So it is going to tell them eight or perhaps ten things that they are likely to find out. It is not likely to tell them what week they are likely to find out every product on. It is not likely to tell them exactly how long their going to spend on each product. It is merely going to tell them they are planning to hear those particular items. You are able to often add to that list as time moves on, you might wind up teaching all of the things in the very first coaching session, and every one of another coaching lessons will be what these individuals need. In addition to what is in those bullets, or perhaps, you might wind up creating a single lesson per bullet. Nevertheless, you don’t have to produce the coaching program before you build a list of bullets. The same as, today, when I did the presentation. I’ve you an outline at the very beginning. Effectively, this outline could have been the bullets, in case I’d sold this as a stand alone product, this outline could have been all of those bullets. Nevertheless, I didn’t need to produce the product itself until after I’d created all those bullets. So you are able to create the bullets, put them on your sales page without actually creating the coaching lessons themselves. Does that make sense?

[Kathleen] Gotcha! Which helps, thank you.

[Sean] Excellent, you are welcome. Plus, keep in mind, Kathleen, this’s among the things which, before you have done the work, it’s all theory and philosophy. And once you do it, even in case you do not completely understand it, once you do it, you will have crystal clarity on just how it really works for you. Thus, I encourage you, even in case you do not understand a point, do the work, and you are going to gain clarity on it. Naturally, in case you get caught in the midst of a point, of course, that is what I am here for. That is exactly why you are coaching with me, send me an email or perhaps, you are on one of those calls, and go through, and we will correct it. Certainly be ready to try it by performing it this way and you will just be amazed sometimes, if you create the coaching sales letter, you have got your eight bullet points, you’ve absolutely no idea what order you are likely to put them in, you put that sales letter these days, and somebody signs up, and you go, oh, what am I going to do today? They have paid me, you know what? Tomorrow, you are going to create lesson one, and you are going to discover from them what they absolutely need 1st. And, you are going to create lesson one based on the need of theirs. Today, in the future each time you sell this program, you are able to tell them what is in lesson one, because, you now know. Does that make sense?

[Kathleen] Yes, of course it does. I need to tell Mark congratulations, that is news that is exciting.

[Sean] Alrighty folks, other questions on anything at all I have been teaching on?

[John] Would you simply repeat your four titles of those books again? I did not get all of them.

[Sean] Of course.

Four Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss
Work Less, Do More – Jan Yager
Power of Full Engagement – Tony Schwartz and jimjim Loehr
Never Check E Mail in the Morning – Julie Morgenstern

[John] Thank you

[Sean] You are welcome. Now we are on this topic, let me touch base on this … I know that several of you’re not gon na have the ability to, or perhaps you are unwilling to read four books in a month, and therefore you might want some privatization here. Probably the book which is going to make probably the biggest difference for you at this time would be Never Check E Mail in the Morning, put together with my recording of Action Management vs. Time Management. Thus, in case you simply need something fast and simple, dirty and quick, get Julie’s book, and listen to my Action Management recording that is on the download page. In the event that you would like to change the life of yours for much more than just prioritizing, actually get your, you’ve much more power in the day of yours, this’s a much deeper book, it will take you a bit longer to read, get Power of Full Engagement, as well as get Never Check E Mail in the Morning. Work Less, Do More would perhaps be the 3rd priority, then the four Hour Work Week the 4th. Today, please always keep in mind, we could all argue over which one will be best, because every one might be ideal for different people. four Hour Work Week, I want to say it changed the life of mine! I mean the principles in that book were phenomenal for me, and I have read it most likely cover to cover two or perhaps three times, and I have most likely used it as a resource, two or perhaps three or perhaps four more times. And I will most likely read it some times in the life of mine. Power of Full Engagement, I believe I have read the book twice cover to cover, and I will most likely read that again. Work Less, Do More and Never Check E Mail in the Morning, I believe you will discover that they are both more ideas, tricks and tips, things that way, things which you are able to refer to from time to time. You might read these in any order, and you will be good.

Any additional comments or questions? Especially on what I have been teaching so much? I am going to open up the call for common questions and coaching in only a moment. Any additional comments or questions?